Our Value To You

Successful Leaders request William W. Rutherford & Associates’ support in achieving greater levels of improvement than they alone would otherwise accomplish. These leaders know that People matter and Results count, and are committed to growing their business value faster than their competitors. We work with these Leaders to achieve their goals and their vision of where they need to be. We help them solve their toughest problems.

STEP-CHANGE CLIENT ACHIEVEMENTS. Helping our clients achieve the necessary measurable and sustainable improved Results that keep them viable in their industry and global marketplace.

  • Improved Results – What our clients demand
  • Growth – Typically part of the equation
  • Organizational Involvement – That which perpetuates the improved results
  • Increased Market Value – Sustainability grows when benefits are tied to market value growth
  • Solves Leader’s Toughest Issues – Typically our reason for support
  • Improved Competitiveness – Assures our client’s future

Doubled the Value of the Business in Two Years

  • “High” value through improvement in their business competitiveness – Decreasing unit costs 40% while improving Product Quality from 90% to 99.8% and On-Time-Delivery from 90% to 100%
  • “Medium” value from growth and value-improvement strategies designed, implemented and achieved
  • “Small” incremental value from an acquisition with synergies unique to their business

Client wanted Revenue Growth and Profit Growth and Market Value Growth

  • Goal #1 – starting in March: Achieve 12% profit growth by June Board Meeting, an additional 12% by September Board Meeting and 50% by year-end. Actual: Profit was up 100% by year-end, over-performing the goal
  • Goal #2 – starting in March: Successfully complete a sole-source alliance agreement with their largest potential customer by the end of the year (to grow the firm’s revenue by 30%). Actual: Alliance agreement signed
  • A year later the company was sold at twice their earlier market value
  • The leadership team and shareholders had a lot to smile about

From Last to First

  • They were 15th of 15 competitors at the start – according to their industry benchmark
  • They became 1st of 15 by that same measure
  • Revenues and profits are up dramatically
  • They achieved faster growth than any of their large competitors
  • Their stock price allowed acquisition alternatives never before possible

Business Unit Restructuring for Value Growth

  • By redesigning the work, it only required 65% of the earlier resources
  • Organizing by customer grew both revenue and profit-per-sale

CEO Requested “Better Business Unit Performance”

  • Already benchmarked as 2nd most cost effective in their industry
  • Our Analysis & Design recommended addressing seven specific areas
  • Analysis & Design identified cost reduction opportunity as 12%. Client only saw 8% as possible and reduced size of effort accordingly
  • Then achieved cost decrease of 22% with no employee reduction

Too Much Inventory

  • Client requested our assistance in reducing inventory
  • Result – 28% less inventory in nine months, with improved customer shipments