Our Approach

William W. Rutherford & Associates helps business executives improve the performance of their organizations. We:

  • Design and implement strategic and operational initiatives that lead to breakthroughs in business improvement, business competitiveness and
  • Promote organizational learning and innovation that instill the confidence to achieve a competitive advantage.

We recognize that people drive improvement in any organization. We coach and train our clients’ leaders, managers and other employees to create value and achieve results as individuals and teams.

Getting There in “3 Steps”

We collaborate with you to identify growth opportunities and guide the implementation of business models that ensure sustainable results. We are committed to working closely with you during a three-step “team” process:

1. Issue Identification
We listen to you. We establish joint goals, priorities and performance expectations regarding the results you wish to achieve.

2. Analysis & Design
We assess the gaps between your vision and existing business realities, to understand their nature and cause, and build the project plan and approach to achieve these benefits.

3. Results Delivery
We deliver results. Together with your team we close the gaps identified and achieve the measurable results projected. We are stewards of the process, clarifying and aligning responsibilities and assuring sustainability.